It might sound like an obvious solution, but if your home suffers from cold, draughts and noise then installing PVCu double glazing can really make a difference. We look at the different ways in which PVCu double glazed can improve your home.

PVCu windows are energy efficient

Double glazed windows are highly energy efficient, particularly when they come fitted with A-rated glass, and can really help to reduce your household heating bills. By having an insulating gap between the two panes of glass, which is filled with either air or an inert gas such as argon, double glazed windows help to keep heat in. Unlike some old and ill-fitting windows, new made to measure windows will also not have any gaps and so will not let cold air into your house or warm air out of it – which means a warmer house and lower energy costs!

They offer greater security

Newly fitted windows with quality locks are much more difficult to break into, and so opportunist burglars will be much less likely to try and enter your house than they would if it had older, less robust windows. A secure home provides peace of mind and windows are a key way in which you can boost security.

They’re easy to maintain

If your busy lifestyle means that you do not have the time for tedious chores such as cleaning windows, then double glazed windows are a great choice as they are very low maintenance. Whilst older windows may need to have their hinges oiled and their frames cleaned by a specialist, PVCu windows require a simple wipe down on a regular basis to keep them looking great and working perfectly.

Double glazing keeps the noise out

Near busy roads, the noise from traffic can really be audible in houses without double glazing. Install double glazed PVCu windows however and the reduction in traffic noise is significant, allowing you to enjoy much greater peace and tranquillity in your own home. Even if you live in an area which isn’t particularly busy, you should still notice a difference in the reduction of ambient noise.

They add value to your home

When you come to sell your home, which do you think will be more attractive to a buyer – a house with old, energy inefficient windows or one with attractive, secure and heat saving double glazing? New double glazing should be viewed as an investment, as they will add value to your home.

There are double glazed windows for every style

PVCu windows can be made to suit the style of your house, so whatever the period of your property you will be able to design matching windows. Bespoke windows can also be created should you require an unusual size or shape.

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