We all know that prevention is better than cure, and that old idiom has become the leading philosophy of the government’s flagship policy to build anti-crime measures into the architecture of the home, Secured By Design. But what is Secured By Design? And what does it mean for the average home or business owner?

The Secured By Design programme aims to produce guidelines which help home owners and business owners make the right choices when they are building extensions or upgrading property. It helps people in the choice of security products by ensuring the Secured By Design logo is visible on all approved products, from window locks to the windows themselves.

Securing your home using Secured By Design means reducing the risk of becoming a victim to house crime and new builds built to these standards are 25% less likely to be broken into.

Even if you are just focusing on replacing the doors and windows, then Secured By Design can help you.

Secured By Design success stories

As part of a pilot scheme in Nottingham, Secured By Design has proven to bring the following benefits:

  • Burglary was reduced by 42% in the Secured By Design area (compared with a 21% drop across the whole city in the same period)
  • There were 63 fewer break-ins on the site, compared to 33 fewer burglaries in comparable non-pilot sites
  • Tenants perceived burglary to be less of an issue after the work was completed.

The pilot scheme also found that the upgrade of windows and doors to Secured By Design standards was a priority for investment.

In Cambridge alone, nearly 2,000 new homes have been built to Secured By Design crime prevention standards. Specially trained police officers, known as Designing Out Crime Officers, have worked with the developers to ensure the new-builds “design out crime” while the house is still on the drawing board.

This includes ensuring houses improve natural surveillance by having windows face out onto roads and pathways, and to reduce the blind spots created by alleyways and back entrances.

This also includes the previously mentioned attention to doors and windows, ensuring that they meet the Secured By Design’s Preferred Specification standard and so deter any opportunistic burglars, which obviously makes up a huge proportion of house crime.

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