The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a whopping 26% of all heat used to warm a home escapes through the glass. So, you´ve decided to invest in double-glazing for your home, and now you´re investigating the options. There are lots of options, from styles of frames to types of windows and a choice of glazing. So, Planitherm is just another name in a long list of brands and choices. But what is it, how is it different, and what can it do for my home?

These are just a few of the questions we will answer in this blog.

In a nutshell

Planitherm is thermally insulated glass. It uses the latest advances in glazing technology to coat the surface of the glass with a high performance thermally insulating layer, and this will, of course, lead to savings in heating bills for your home. It´s known as low-emissivity glass, or low-E glass, for short.

Some more detail

Planitherm is a neutral thermal coating which reflects heat back into the home, while allowing the sun´s natural heat and light to radiate through the windows. This will save you money and help to conserve the world´s resources at the same time. The Energy Saving Trust, together with the Glass and Glazing Federation, estimate the typical 3-bedroom semi will usually save up to around 22%. While every house is different, those are substantial savings which can be re-invested in other home improvements to further increase the energy efficiency of your home. Planitherm also reduces draughts through the glass, making it comfortable to sit near the window on those bright but cold winter days.

  • Planitherm glass is hermetically sealed into the window, and so last the lifetime of the window
  • By reducing solar heat from the outside and reflecting more heat back into the room, temperature control is actually easier with Planitherm
  • The carbon used to produce one metre square of Planitherm glass will be recovered in 3.5 months of use if replacing single-glazed windows. If you already have double-glazing, the time goes up to 10.5 months, making this a very green product.

Not all double-glazing and triple-glazing is the same, there are differences in the products, so it pays to look into the options and choose wisely.

There are three products in the family

Planitherm Total Plus

The next generation of glazing technology ensures heat from inside is reflected back into the room, while heat from outside flows freely into the home. This helps to increase the ambient temperature inside without an increase in your heating bills. What´s more, the neutral coating allows the daylight into the room keeping the living spaces light, bright and liveable.

Planitherm One

This is one of the leading low-E glass types in the UK, and helps to reduce cold spots near the windows and reduce overall heating bills. It´s ideal for rooms with a lot of glass, such as conservatories or kitchens with big French windows. It also reduces internal condensation on the windows, making the windows more aesthetically pleasing.

Planitherm 4S

Like all products in the range, Planitherm 4S is a thermal coating for the windows. However, the Planitherm 4S is four seasons insulation coating which reflects unwanted heat from the outside while reducing heat lost from internal heating. This makes it ideal for use in the conservatory or sunroom, and can reduce heating costs in winter while freeing up the room for use in summer. This product can also be used on the roof of the conservatory, and has been shown to reduce the temperature by up to 13% when compared against a non-coated window. 

Find out more about and download a Planitherm brochure.