So, you’ve decided you need more space and you want to invest in an extension of some sort. One of those options is a conservatory, but what should you look for when you’re buying a conservatory?

There are many questions to ask yourself before investing. Will I ever really use it? Will it be too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Will it increase the value of my house? Will I get the money back when I sell the house? Will it be better to save up for a brick built extension?

One of the main reasons people develop their properties is to increase the value. This is often crucial as the cost of moving house has increased dramatically, with stamp duty, solicitors’ letters and estate agent fees, not to mention the ever increasing cost of the ‘average’ home, especially in and around London.

Conservatories are a cost-effective way to increase the value of your home, with most estimates placed around the 5% increase mark. They are also useful additional space that can be used all year round.

Maximising the cash return and giving yourself an additional space requires something of a change of perspective. Owners need to stop seeing their conservatory as something extra and start seeing it as an integral part of the home. This needs to start in the planning stage.

Things to consider…

-          Would you like your conservatory to be a garden room, a dining room, a living room or all of the above plus a spare bedroom at Christmas time? Will it be a study? Defining this use will help you when you come to plan your conservatory

-          Will the conservatory take up all the space in the garden? You will need to find a balance between inside and outside space

-          Will the design add to the overall style of your house? You’ll want the conservatory to look like it was built at the same time of the house, so you’ll need to decide if you would like a hardwood finish or white or black

-          How much would you like to pay? As always, paying more will lead to a better quality product, but you will need to strike a balance between your budget and your dreams

-          Which company will you use? Research this carefully and go for one which has been in business for a long time and with a reputation you trust - like Minster Windows

Conservatories also do a number of other things, beyond being practical and looking good. The most important of these are security and energy efficiency.

Modern conservatories are secure, but be sure to insist on a quality locking system for all windows and doors, as nothing is fool-proof. You want peace of mind, so be sure to invest well.

Innovation in glass technology means that modern conservatories stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They can also be used as sun rooms to heat the rest of the house in the winter, which is a distinct advantage, especially in older houses where draughts can make the winters unpleasant. Always having a warm, open space to go to makes for a relaxing home.

If you would like more advice on choosing your new conservatory, do not hesitate to contact the friendly team at Minster Windows.