As we head towards those balmy summer evenings, wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to slide open our patio doors or windows and open up our house to the garden? Our new sliding door and window system allows you to do just that – giving your house a modern look and a Mediterranean feel!

What’s even better is that the technology works with your existing UPVC windows and doors, allowing you to convert standard welded windows and doors into sliding, folding or swing systems. What’s more, the system integrates seamlessly with your existing windows and doors, as the hinges, fittings and Invisifold gearing are completely concealed.

There are no visible hinges or hardware at all and the system is operated by a simple handle on the main door or window. The aesthetics of the door or window are not effected in any way, as the incredibly slim design simply fits onto the existing frames and sashes.

If you’re worried about the system compromising the security or weather performance of your windows, then don’t be! The system does not compromise these factors in any way and is highly durable. There are no rollers or bogie wheels and the running track and supports made from space age materials with a high tensile strength. The potential for this system to transform your home is incredible. Orangeries, conservatories and house extensions can be flawlessly opened up to make your house feel much airier and spacious – allowing easy access to outside patios and gardens and giving your home a contemporary look.

The system wowed visitors when it was unveiled at the recent Grand Designs Live exhibition in Birmingham. Many people hadn’t seen anything like it before, and were hugely impressed by the clean lines and the system’s versality. The system’s versatility allow the system to be either securely and fully closed, fully open to allow a clear opening, or used as a single sash passage door just like a bi-fold or French door.

How the system differs from a bi-fold door is the way in which the sashes are all operated independently, and can also be positioned anywhere across the opening – which provides ventilation without the need to have the door fully open.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Minster Windows today – we’ll be delighted to tell you more about this amazing new system!