Thankfully, crime doesn’t pay. It does pay, however, to keep your home secure because insurance companies offer discounts for homes with high quality locks. That’s just one of our top safety tips for a secure home, we’ve listed several more below…

External doors and windows

If a burglar is going to break into your house, it’s likely to be through a door or a window, so securing these is the key to home security and peace of mind.

With your door, be sure to consider these points:

-          Check the hinges are secure and get a joiner to fix them to the brickwork if not

-          Fit a spy hole to see who is calling

-          A door chain is an effective extra line of defence against intrusion

-          Avoid glazed panels and opt for laminated glass

-          Use a five-lever mortice lock.

With your windows, be sure to check that:

-          All window locks pull the window into the frame and lock with a key

However, retrofitting tough locks or laminating glass panels might not be enough. Some doors and windows are not as strong as the locks, and weaker or older doors and windows are inherently less safe, so break-ins are still possible. Installing modern PVCu doors or windows from a company like Minster Windows can help to decrease risk.

PVCu composite doors are made from rigid polymer frames with a high-density polyurethane core and come with a multiple point locking system housed in reinforced steel, and can be very difficult to break into. PVCu doors and windows are also highly durable and will not rot or warp, as traditional wooden doors and windows do, which also adds to the security. Installation of these types of doors and windows is invaluable when planning home security.

Window shock alarms

This is a low-cost solution that detects vibrations in the windows. Burglars don’t want to be seen or heard, so any type of alarm will usually be enough to deter a forced entry. They are incredibly easy to fit and cost between £3 – £5. They also come with a sticker, so you can advertise the additional security on your property.

Door chimes

One third of burglaries happen while the resident is in the house. Occupants may be in the shower, or in the garden and if the front door is open, the burglar can be in and out in minutes. It’s doubtful many valuables will be taken, but the sense of insecurity is increased. 

Door chimes are a simple but effective deterrent.  They are easily fitted to the door using adhesive pads, and chime when the door is opened. It doesn’t sound like much, but any burglar is going to be put off as soon as the slightest attention is brought upon them. 

Beware of opportunistic thieves

Lock away all your tools and garden equipment. Close curtains once it gets dark and when you are away from home, leave the lights on a timer. Also, install motion sensor lights in key hiding places to deter any thieves.

Regularly change the code of your installed alarm

If you have an alarm system, consider changing the code regularly. If your code is the same as other PIN numbers, it’s possible these could be obtained somehow.

Remember to take your keys out of the door

Keys should be left away from the front door so that they cannot be lifted through the letterbox. However, keys should always be easy to find in case of an emergency, such as fire, to allow a safe exit. 

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