With benefits ranging from increased security and energy efficiency to added value on your property, it’s easy to see why PVCu windows are the go-to option when renovating your home. With a comprehensive range of window types and an extensive range of window styles, colours and finishes, the professional team at Minster Windows can help you choose correctly and enhance your home, office or property. 

So, what types of windows available?

Casement windows

This is the most popular style available and the casement window comes in a variety of types. Hinged either from the side or from above, the casement window can be opened fully, which is a huge advantage when compared to sash or sliding windows, and can greatly increase the amount of light that enters, creating a sense of space in smaller rooms. As they open outwards, casement windows catch the breeze as it moves along the walls of the building, greatly increasing the ventilation in your home. This is obviously an advantage is summer, but it can also help to ventilate bathrooms and kitchens quickly.

Casement windows are considered more secure because of the hook shaped locks which fit into the frame, and are seen as the second most secure window type behind fixed panel windows. This makes them ideal for ground floor installation. They are easy to open and close, and are ideal above sinks in the kitchen.

As with all PVCu windows, casement windows increase energy efficiency by reducing the amount of heat that escapes in the winter, and regulating the heat that comes in during the summer. This reduces heating costs in the winter and air conditioning or ventilation costs in the summer. 

Tilt & Turn

The Tilt & Turn design comes in a range of over 150 colours to maximise the individuality of your home. There are also a range of glazing options which enhance value and clarity.

The Tilt & Turn window, unlike most windows, opens inwards for increased security, making it the safest window available for the children’s bedroom or those living in high-rise buildings. As the Tilt & Turn operates on a hinge system and opens 180 degrees, it can be cleaned from inside the home, again making it the ideal solution for those living in high-rise buildings.

As with all PVCu windows, they are extremely durable and reduce external noise pollution.

Sash window

The Vertical Sliding Sash window is specifically designed to retain the refined sightlines of traditional wooden windows on period houses, while maximising the energy efficiency and security of the house. The Vertical Sash Slider comes with traditional style brass catches and we offer decorative horns to maintain the authentic period look. A range of glazing options is also available for this window, meaning you find the right look for an individual feel that adds more charm to your home.

The Vertical Slider comes with multi-point locking to maximise security, and these bespoke windows can be fitted to any window space. They have already been approved and used in conservation areas.

Like all the Rehau products we use, the sash window is built to last and requires little maintenance. It will never need sanding, varnishing or painting but it will need oiling once a year. All our products come with a 10 year guarantee and after sale service. 

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