So, you’ve invested the time and money in building your conservatory, but it’s not all you hoped it would be. It’s either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter and it’s always too noisy. You just don’t feel comfortable relaxing there and there’s no way you could use it as a guest bedroom. The solution could be a simple as upgrading to Guardian Warm Roof.

What is the Guardian Warm Roof?

Guardian Warm Roof is a pre-engineered, fully insulated and soundproofed roof with which you can replace your traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof. It is lightweight but substantial looking from the outside. The roof is tiled, and comes in a range of styles to blend with the look and feel of most UK houses. It is fully approved by the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and fully guaranteed. Each roof is made to measure, so all conservatory shapes can be accommodated; Victorian, Edwardian, P-shape, Gable Ended and lean to.

If you’re wondering why you weren’t offered this option when you built your conservatory, well, it’s down to a change in the regulations. Prior to 2010, you couldn’t install a solid roof on a porch or conservatory, but thanks to a change in the LABC, the solid roof is now a possibility.



The Guardian Warm Roof is fully energy efficient. This high performance fully insulated roof comes with two layers of rigid insulating board, internal insulating plaster board, exterior grade plywood and a vapour membrane. All this is then covered by your choice of tiles and finishes. This keeps the heat locked in during the winter months and locked out during the summer, maintaining an ambient temperature all year round and allowing the space to be used as an extra room whenever you need it. This thermal insulation complies with the LABC regulations, October 2010.


The insulated solid roof makes a huge difference to the acoustics of your new living space, which in turn changes the overall atmosphere. All this allows the room to become a comfortable living room or even a bedroom.

Made to measure

The Guardian Warm Roof is bespoke, and you can choose from a range of styles, from tiles to shingle and even skylights. Internally, you can choose a clean white finish or a more stylish timber design. It’s even possible to install LED spotlights.


With the range of styles available for the roof, you can completely change the style and appearance of the conservatory in your garden. Replacing the roof with a Guardian Warm Roof will make your conservatory look like a full extension and, as mentioned, there are a range of tile styles and interior styles to help you personalise your conservatory.


Your goal of transforming your home can be met in just a few days, usually no more than four days. Installation is quick, clean and easy. First, the original roof must be removed, and then the frame prepared. The final step is to install the bespoke roof and you get your conservatory back.

When you combine all these features, you have the ideal solution to the problem of space in your home. A comfortable, cosy, quiet ground floor room for use watching TV or accommodating extra guests.

Interested in finding out more? Download Minster Windows’ Guardian Warm Roof brochure today!